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  • Yann Bertrand Fleurie 'Folie' 2015
  • Yann Bertrand Fleurie 'Folie' 2015

Yann Bertrand Fleurie 'Folie' 2015

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Just three years after Yann Bertrand exploded onto the scene, he has solidly established himself as the new torchbearer for top-shelf cru Beaujolais, building on the movement that began with his mentors from the 'Gang of Four' (Lapierre, Thevenet, Breton, and Foillard). Today we're bringing a new cuvée to the shop: Yann Bertrand's Fleurie 'Folie' translates roughly to Fleurie 'madness'. As in: this is crazy delicious, and it would be madness not to order a 6-pack!

At Famille Bertrand, the farming is organic and biodynamic, with very little added sulfur; his resulting terroir-driven Gamays all show a different aspect of their 4.5-hectare vineyard. The Fleurie Folie, which is grown on sandy/granitic soils, and made using semi-carbonic maceration, is the lighter-drinking cousin to  the slightly richer old-vine Cuvée de Chaos and VVV. Jon Bonné, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, noted that it was his favorite wine from Yann, writing,  'It’s the sort of proper Fleurie that was in short supply for a number of years, unless you splurged for a bottle from a Gang [of four] member like Foillard... Consider Bertrand’s efforts a return to the best sort of traditionalism." 

This is a luscious vin de soif a wine to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner, or a Wednesday night roast chicken. 

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