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  • Vins Hodgson VDF "Canal de Monsieur" 2014

Vins Hodgson VDF "Canal de Monsieur" 2014

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Have you ever thought about leaving everything behind to go make wine in France? That's exactly what Mai & Kenji Hodgson did in 2009, when they left Canada to start a winery south of Anjou, in the Loire. They arrived in the Rablay-sur-Layon scene just 7 years ago, with wine training but no contacts, and in just 7 years they haveestablished themselves as leaders of the French natural wine scene.

From their Domaine near Rablay sur Layon, Mai & Kenji make joyous wines that express their unique terroir, made completely naturally with razor-sharp precision. Ever the perfectionists, they continue to push their winemaking upward—and today we're bringing you their new cuvée, the Canal de Monsieur (Sir'sCanal, a nickname for the Layon river). Made only in the best vintages, the Canal de Monsieur is a a barrel selection from the the “Rouliers” vineyard, a structured, juicy 100% Cabernet Franc. 

The soil south of Anjou is clay & sandy soils on schiste, a terroir unique to this part of the Western Loire. All the farming is organic, at bottling the wine is unfiltered, and the wine is made completely without sulfites. It's hard to believe this is the same grape as Chinon, which is situated just an hour to the East. Kenji Hodgson's Cab Francs are fresh, with light cherries and spices on the nose; the Canal de Monsieurhas silky tannins and just enough structure for it to pair perfectly with dinner. 

Mai & Kenji are in a elite league of artisanal winemakers in France: If you enjoy Metras, Yann Bertrand, or the Hodgson's neighbor, Richard Leroy, they should be on your radar.  

Those in the know speak about Hodgson wines in hushed tones because they are so singularly spectacular and so extremely allocated. Depending on the vintage, the number of cases that makes it to the U.S. can be counted on one hand.

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