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  • Vins Hodgson "Les Aussigouins" VDF 2014
  • Vins Hodgson "Les Aussigouins" VDF 2014

Vins Hodgson "Les Aussigouins" VDF 2014

In Stock. Vins Hodgson "Les Aussigouins" VDF 2014


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Some wines are produced in such tiny quantities that they hardly make a blip on the radar of the wine world. Since most people will never be able to find them, It’s not “worth the time” for national importers and wine critics to pay attention.But these are exactly the wines that wine lovers search out — and Vins Hodgson's extraordinary Chenin Blanc cuvées have attracted a considerable buzz in New York, Paris, and yes..Japan.

Today is the first (and last?) opportunity to pick up the 2014 Chenin Blanc “Les Aussigouins” from Mai and Kenji Hodgson. Les Aussigouins is their top cuvée from a single old-vine parcel of Chenin Blanc located on the schist soils of Montbenault in the Loire Valley. They took over the vineyard in 2013, and produced a mere 175 cases for the first release from the 2014 harvest.

Aged one year in barrels, with a small amount of new wood, then bottled unfiltered and sans soufre, the wine is a masterful balance of minerality, tension, and grace, and opens a new chapter for Mai and Kenji. Originally hailing from Vancouver, they moved to the Loire Valley in 2009 with minimal winemaking experience but maximum passion for the natural wines of the Loire Valley that they had tasted in Canada. Settling in the area without any contacts but with a fiercely pure vision of what they wanted to do, they managed to keep company with the best—working harvest with Mark Angeli, and getting advice from Olivier Cousin and Claude Courtois before making their own first harvest in 2010.

Kenji says that making Les Aussigouins opened up “a new potential” for the domaine to take Chenin Blanc a little further, to take it to the next level. 2014 is only the beginning, but it’s one that you do not want to miss.

Region: Anjou (wine is VDF, Mai & Kenji eschew the AOC system)
Vintage: 2014
Varietal: Chenin Blanc    
Alc % by Vol: 13%
Drink: Now through 2018
Pair with: A Curry

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