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  • Vignoble Lapierre "Ataraxie" Cévennes Rouge 2015

Vignoble Lapierre "Ataraxie" Cévennes Rouge 2015

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How in the world did Jean-Claude Lapierre end up making such delicious, affordable red wine in the Cevennes mountains at the western edge of Provence ? And more intriguingly, how did he make this terroir-driven, organic, no-sulfur red from Merlot? It's not exactly the obvious grape to plant in this region dominated by high-alcohol Grenache, but Jean-Claude has a simple answer to every question. 

The philosophy behind his winemaking? Jean Claude explains it best: Winemaking is not complicated : you harvest good grapes, you crush them, wait a while, and you have wine." He's been making Merlots like this way since the Domaine was founded in 2003.

Why Merlot? The The microclimate around his vineyards brings storms in September/October. The Merlot grape ripens early, so Jean-Claude can harvest before the early fall storms. Bien sûr. 

Why no sulfur? Jean-Claude is allergic to sulfites. 

Where else can you find a terroir-driven, organic Merlot that's easy to knock back any time of year, won't give you a headache* (not guaranteed, but we are speaking from experience), and makes you excited to pull the cork each time? We can't think of another like it. 

Jean-Claude says you are meant to drink the wine while thinking of the warm clay soils and the wild herbs of La Garrigue. The Domaine is spread over the Cevennes foothills (not far from Paris Wine Co winemaker
Agarrus); and in keeping with the tradition of biodiversity of the region he has kept his vines in mostly wild parcels, nestled around woods and wild shrubs (see below).

He recommends drinking it with partridge, juniper and grapes. In case your local grocery store has run out of partridge, any sort of peppery-sweet sauce and poultry would do just fine. This wine is coming in in the early fall so it would pair well with any hearty autumn dish; stock up today! 

Note : Jean-Claude has no relation to natural wine Beaujolais legend Marcel Lapierre, though both have similar winemaking philosophies. 

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