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  • Valentin Morel Savagnin 2014

Valentin Morel Savagnin 2014

In Stock. Valentin Morel Savagnin 2014.


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With the release of his inaugural 2014 vintage, the wines of Valentin Morel radiate with energy and excitement. After studying biodynamic viticulture in Alsace and drawing inspiration from the teachings of Japanese farming guru Masanobu Fukuoka, Valentin returned to the Jura to take over his family’s domaine. Mentored by Stephane Tissot and inspired by his legendary neighbor Pierre Overnoy, Valentin set out to craft superbly delicious natural wines, and he is clearly taking the torch to lead the next generation of producers in the region.


Last spring when Valentin debuted his wines at a local Jura tasting, the demand was so ravenous that he sold out of the entire vintage in less than a week. Most of the wines were uncorked in Paris and the Jura, but we decided to hold onto a few cases and give them a proper release. With nearly a year in bottle, these whites are absolutely singing, and will continue to get better over the next couple of years. The Savagnin, which is known locally as Naturé, is the emblematic noble white grape of the Jura. It is always the last grape to be harvested, and makes a richly textured white with floral and stone fruit flavors. A tour de force with a piece of good comté, or a killer combo with some white fish crudo.

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