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  • Valentin Morel "Les Trouillots" Pinot Noir 2015
  • Valentin Morel "Les Trouillots" Pinot Noir 2015

Valentin Morel "Les Trouillots" Pinot Noir 2015

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It’s been widely shared that 2015 was a banner year all across France, and Valentin was especially happy with his harvest. Both the Pinot Noir and Trousseau come from the “Les Trouillots” vineyard overlooking the beautiful medieval village of Poligny.The Pinot Noir is typical Pinot of the Jura - light, refreshing with a dash of acidity and a savory touch. The Trousseau vines are located on the rocky terroir lower on the slope, which results in much lower yields and more concentrated grapes. It’s a trousseau that is ripe and fruity - Valentin says it’s like biting into the fresh grapes as soon as they came in from the vines.

Valentin’s total production is still just a few thousand cases. When we visiting in January, the wines were already nearly finished, so we made our reservations on the spot. Six months later the wines are tasting even better - if you’re a Jura wine lover, or curious to find out why so many people are… Valentin Morel is a “must-try” producer. Ten years ago, you could order all the Overnoy and Ganevat you wanted. Valentin’s wines are getting there, and it’s only his second vintage. Quantity is limited, so now is the time to get to know these wines while they are out there for you to drink and enjoy to your heart’s content.

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