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  • Pierre Cotton Brouilly "100% Cotton" 2015
  • Pierre Cotton Brouilly "100% Cotton" 2015

Pierre Cotton Brouilly "100% Cotton" 2015

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What is it that makes Pierre Cotton's Beaujolais wines special? You may hear a lot about Beaujolais, but if you haven't been bitten by the "Bojo" bug yet, there's a few solid reasons to add some Cotton to your cellar:

This is a really exciting new cuvée! This week we're bringing you his first-ever Brouilly that Pierre took over from his dad, from a single-parcel of old-vines grown on pink-granite soils called "Les Mines" from the heavily rocky soils. This is a singing, dynamic Gamay: Present red fruit on the nose, complemented by the striking granitic minerality. 

They're authentically Beaujolais. Of course, natural unfiltered Beaujolais is enjoying a moment across the wine-drinking world. So much so that Burgundy Domaines are buying up terroir from their neighbors to the South. But families like the Cottons and the Bertrands (Yann Bertrand) are not just following trends: this is how people from the Beaujolais like to make Beaujolais. 

They're natural, but accessible. Pierre's Cru Beaujolais are easy-drinking natural wines for everyone: every cuvée is bottled completely unfiltered and without sulfur, but unlike many natural wines, this is not an unruly barnyard: Pierre's wines are always straight-shooting, easy-to-drink, easy to pair with food. It's natural wine for everyone! In fact, Pierre's dad, who makes wine under his own label saw how successful his son's no-sulfur winemaking was and also almost completely removed sulfur from his wines. 

Juicy, old vine Beaujolais like Pierre's make very flexible pairing wines, but try something with a bit of pepper: maybe that's steak au poivre, or a spicy thai food. Or if you want the full Beaujolais experience, try it with some charcuterie.

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