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  • Lulu Vigneron 100% Poulsard 2014 (formerly Chais du Vieux Bourg)
  • Lulu Vigneron 100% Poulsard 2014 (formerly Chais du Vieux Bourg)
  • Lulu Vigneron 100% Poulsard 2014 (formerly Chais du Vieux Bourg)

Lulu Vigneron 100% Poulsard 2014 (formerly Chais du Vieux Bourg)

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Why is the Jura a sommelier-favorite wine region? The wines are made the same way they have been for centuries (Vin Jaune, anyone?), and native varietals are still widely planted, including the hard-to-grow but easy-to-love Poulsard grape.  This thin-skinned, plump grape makes an extremely light red that can smell of dried roses, red fruit or strawberry, with an almost savory element to it. Natural winemaker Ludwig "Lulu" Bindernagel makes a tongue-tingling, aromatic and complex Poulsard that will leave you wondering why you don't have more of this varietal in your cellar.

Bindernagel makes natural wine in his charming, miniscule Chai in the center of Poligny, and for the past 15 years has been slowly solidifying his reputation as a heavy-hitter in the Jura: in 2012, he was a winemaker of mention in Jancis Robinson's Jura roundup in the FT, and his wines have since been served at Michelin three-star restaurants around the world. Most recently, we blind-tasted this Poulsard in a Red Jura Tasting with a group of friends from the wine industry in Paris, and it came out on top amongst a lineup of some of the region's best (see picture below). After blind tasting this wine, a friend said with confidence: "This is definitely Ganevat"

Even if you're not a confirmed Juraphile, this is a wine to try if you enjoy light, aromatic reds that can best be qualified as "vin de soif" (a wine for thirst). At a whopping 11.2% alc. by vol., it's very elegant—but don't be fooled by the light color and alcohol: like the best Poulsards, it has a complex nose of ripe tomatoes or strawberries and it opens up beautifully as you pour glass after glass. Something else that sets Lulu's Poulsard apart: this wine can be aged for at least 5-7 years; expect it to become even lighter in color, and the aromas even more pronounced.  
What to pair it with? When we harvest with Ludwig, this refreshing red is perfect for the end of a long day: Lulu's wife, Nathalie, serves this with her Paella or famous accras de morue (Caribbean Cod fritters). 

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