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  • Les Enfants Sauvages "Che Chauvio" (Syrah, Cinsault)

Les Enfants Sauvages "Che Chauvio" (Syrah, Cinsault)

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Che Chauvio is a bit too dark to be a rosé, but a bit too light to be a red wine. Made from Syrah and Cinsault grapes using a brief carbonic maceration, Che Chauvio is an incredibly light, enjoyable, not-quite-rose wine from the South that you can enjoy chilled or at cellar temperature depending on your whims.

Nikolaus and Carolin Bantlin moved from Germany to the South of France in 1999 and spent the next six years renovating an abandoned farmhouse surrounded by vines. Already inspired by the anthroposophical teachings of Rudolf Steiner, it was evident that they would farm biodynamically.

As Nikolaus and Carolin have eloquently written: “First of all we must break with the habit of monoculture and ensure that our soil is teeming with life; we must keep our growing areas on a human scale; maintain or create a rich tapestry of plants so that a variety of flora will encourage an equally varied fauna, enrich the soil in a responsible way, caring for its micro- and macro-organism; in short: do all we can to ensure that vines, as a product of the soil, are an integral part of the natural biological cycle. There is nothing new about cultivating vines in this way. We are simply returning to long-standing traditions, some of which have almost been forgotten because chemical pesticides, mechanisation and convenience led winegrowers to neglect them.”

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