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  • Julien Cecillon Saint-Peray "Gemini" 2015

Julien Cecillon Saint-Peray "Gemini" 2015

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Julien and his wife, Nancy, produce micro quantities of 'Gemini', a full-bodied white blend (80% Marsanne/20% Roussane) in the appellation of Saint-Péray.  This cuvée typically doesn’t make it outside of France (let alone the Northern Rhone), where ‘Gemini’ is sold to top gastronomic restaurants in the region, but today we’re bringing this bottle directly to you as an exclusive in the U.S.!

Lesser known than the region’s reds, though equally prized locally are the sumptuously grand whites made from Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne.  And, as an appellation known for its white blends, Saint-Péray is having its moment today.  Increasingly, this region is becoming the “Sleeping Beauty” of Rhone Whites, as the wines from here tend to be the freshest and most imminently drinkable while remaining relatively unknown to a larger public.

Marsanne lends ripe peach, pear, and almond notes to the wine and is further complemented the Roussane’s herbal aromatics and pronounced minerality.  If you enjoy White Burgundy or Chenin Blanc, this is a must-try.  Emerging as the sought after white in the region, known for its liveliness and drinkability, this is a gastronomic white you can enjoy today or cellar next to your White Burgundy.  Try it with meaty fishes, like halibut or tuna, grilled shrimp, or summer risottos.


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