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  • Jules Métras Beaujolais Villages "Bijou" 2015
  • Jules Métras Beaujolais Villages "Bijou" 2015

Jules Métras Beaujolais Villages "Bijou" 2015

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This week is of course the celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau, where winemakers fete their first release of the year. This is a great excuse for a party, but hopefully by now, we don’t have to point out that Nouveau has very little in common with top quality wines made in the area.

The Beaujolais today is kind of like Memphis in the 1950s— a wonderland of talent pumping out hit after hit, and like in the music world, there are certain names that command respect, and hint at the creation of a dynasty. Yvon Metras is known locally as “the Pope”, and his wines are sought after with a sort of manic enthusiasm that borders on a cult. On his great wine blog Not Drinking Poison in Paris, our friend Aaron Ayscough writes The Métras wines are a beacon in the region, after all. In their depth, ageworthiness, and grace, they embody the region's soaring, still-largely untapped potential”.

In 2014, Yvon’s son Jules Metras vinified his first wine under his own label, and of course the immediate question arises: will the son’s wines be as good as the father’s? This morning we opened a bottle hand delivered from Fleurie, and the answer is an extremely confident yes.

Needless to point out that the 2015 Metras Bijou (or "jewel"), is an absolute rarity? Like his father, Jules has taken a wait-and-see approach towards exporting, and his tiny production was sold off in an immediate frenzy in France. Please, do not hesitate on this one.

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