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  • GarOVin Somnambulles PetNat Rosé

GarOVin Somnambulles PetNat Rosé

GarOVin Somnambulles PetNat Rosé

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Gar O’Vin “Somnambulles” Rosé
This translates to a play on words for the word for “sleep walker” (somnambulant + bulles, or “bubbles”) Pétillant naturel is made from grapes and nothing else, and is the earliest way of making sparkling wines. Today, this old-fashioned, unpredictable and tricky way of making wine has become a trend amongst winemakers looking to make natural wines. Cédric Garreau is one of those winemakers - his Anjou Villages and Anjou Rouge are favorites, and we wanted to show the funkier side of Gar O Vin. This is not a wine to age - it’s meant to be opened soon and enjoyed immensely.

Region : Loire

AOC: Vin de France

Varietal: 50% Cabernet Franc 50% Grolleau

Aging : Open in 2015/2016

Serve at: 43 to 48°F

Pair with: Fruit desserts, as an aperitif

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