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  • Estelle Sauvion Muscadet Sur Lie 2015

Estelle Sauvion Muscadet Sur Lie 2015

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To the extreme West of the Loire Valley, almost all the way out to the sea comes this organic Muscadet from Domaine Estelle Sauvion. This is not the deceptively similar-sounding Muscat (which makes a sweeter wine) but just the opposite: Muscadet is known for its bracing acidity and light drinking style.

Muscadet is exclusively made from Melon de Bourgogne, which, as its name suggestions, originally comes from Burgundy..but is now exclusively grown in Muscadet country which is called the Pays Nantais, around the city of Nantes. Reasons for this migration are unclear, but it’s suggested the Philipe l’Hardi may have banned the Melon de Bourgogne in 1352 along with Gamay - Gamay found its home in Beaujolais and the Melon de Bourgogne skipped across to the Western Loire valley.

This is a very crisp wine, with citrussy primary aromas and a present minerality. What (almost) grows together goes together in this case: pair this light white with oysters and seafood.

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