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  • Domaine des Deux Clés Corbières Rouge 2015

Domaine des Deux Clés Corbières Rouge 2015

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It seems like the Languedoc has always been an “up and coming” wine region that never seems to quite come all the way up. Rather than think about it as a region with potential, it is more useful to think of the Languedoc as a place where great winemakers can experiment. The barrier to entry is low - vineyards are abundant and available to winemakers who are not lucky enough to inherit Grand Cru vineyards in Burgundy. And even winemakers who do inherit Grand Cru vineyards are still tempted by the open spirit of possibility and sunshine of the Languedoc (c.f. Gros, Anne).

So instead of looking for wines in the Languedoc, we look for great producers who are shooting the moon to make phenomenal wines, and the Languedoc is where they can get started. There’s a handful of notable examples  - Grange des Peres, Mas de Daumas Gassac, Mas Jullien, to name a few….

It’s only their second vintage, but Gaëlle and Florian Richter at Domaine des Deux Clés are well on their way.  Not only do they have their sights set high, they have chosen to establish their domaine at the highest altitude in Corbières so that their wines retain that elusive freshness and elegance that one finds only in the best wines of the region.

Domaine des Deux Clés Corbières Rouge reveals the power of unmistakably southern fruit (think darker red berries and fruits like plum and cassis) yet maintains surprising elegance and levity on the palate. Produced in true artisan quantities (read, there’s very little made), the wines are sold mostly to top restaurants in the region.

Region: Fontjoncouse, Languedoc
Appellation: AOC Corbières
Varietals: 50% Carignan, 25% Grenache Noir, 25% Syrah
Alc: 13.8%
Serve at: 60ºF (16ºC)
Open: now through 2021
Pair with: Roasted leg of lamb with fennel, grilled sausages or red meat

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