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  • Domaine de la Cras 'Coteaux de Dijon' Chardonnay Blanc 2015
  • Domaine de la Cras 'Coteaux de Dijon' Chardonnay Blanc 2015

Domaine de la Cras 'Coteaux de Dijon' Chardonnay Blanc 2015

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For centuries, the wines of Dijon were considered some of the finest in Burgundy, and a barrel of Coteaux de Dijon traded around the same price as the prime premier cru vineyards in Gevrey Chambertin. In recent times, without the patronage of the Ducs of Dijon, the vineyards have been nearly forgotton... until now.  Since his first vintage in 2014, Marc Soyard has been quietly crafting wines that are reimagining the future of Burgundy.

Today, with 8 hectares of vines, Domaine de la Cras is the only producer in the Coteaux de Dijon.... though some big names are starting to take note of these wines and just this year acquired some vineyards next door. This unique isolated geography combined with classic Burgundy terroir imparts an inimitable energy and freshness to the wines, especially the whites, and sets them apart from their bourguignon cohort.
Let the Domaine de la Cras ‘Côteaux de Dijon’ Blanc be your gateway to discovering the forgotten grand terroir of Burgundy.  This bottle exceptionally integrates a core of broad, textured Cote-de-Nuits Chardonnay fruit with a snappy mineral finish, normally associated with cooler climate appellations like Chablis or the Auxerre.  100% Chardonnay comes from 35 year-old organically farmed vines on a lower aspect of the Cras slope known as ‘Grand Bessy.’  In the cellar, Marc draws on his previous experience alongside Jean-Yves of Domaine Bizot in Vosne-Romanee, to intervene as little as possible: vinification is resolutely hands-onn: native yeasts, a short 11-12 month élévage in used oak barrels, and tiny SO2 additions before bottling.

Location: 'Grand Bessy,' Plombières-les-Dijon
Appellation(s): Coteaux-de-Dijon, Bourgogne
Varietal: Chardonnay
Terroir: clay-limestone,  marl
Alc: 12.5%
Serve at: 54ºF (12ºC)
Open: now through 2018
Pair with: Grilled Halibut, Roasted Chicken, creamy cheeses like Brie or Epoisses

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