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  • Domaine Barou Condrieu 2013

Domaine Barou Condrieu 2013

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Some of the great wines of France just don't seem to make it across the Atlantic. This used to be the case with Cru Beaujolais, and this is largely the case with Condrieu, the great White Rhone wine that French wine lovers will always mention in the same hushed tones as white Burgundy Grand Crus. The 1930's French wine critic, Curnonsky, put Condrieu in the category of the "Five Greatest whites" alongside Montrachet and Sautenres (specifically, a little domaine called Chateau Yquem). And with good reason. Condrieu is the world's best expression of Viognier and, today, every 3-star restaurant in Paris has a slot open for Condrieu on their wine list. Isn't it time you added it to your cellar?
Domaine Barou are organic pioneers in the Northern Rhone - they started out growing fruit and making wine organically 40 years ago. Their Condrieu vines are planted on a granitic soil with little topsoil, meaning low-yield vineyards and excellent quality grapes. Some detractors may associate Condrieu with a white that's either too rich or too heavy - but the Barou Condrieu is neither - this is a Condrieu with great acidity, depth and brightness. The minerality of the soil creates a balance with inherent richness of the Condrieu grape. Like a great Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, this is a wine that can reach stunning heights of complexity.
It's this complexity that makes it a perfect wine to pair with a gourmet meal, a "vin gastronomique". It's not a weeknight wine for cocktail hour, but rather a wine that you can pair with a longer, more complex meal. The Restaurant Taillevent created a meal paired with the Great Whites of Curnonsky— which was (and remains) the most expensive meal in Europe, at €1,200 a head.
You don't have to cook like Taillevent (or charge your guests nearly as much) but your meals deserves one of the great gastronomic whites. 

Varietal: 100% Viognier
Vine age : 20 years
Alc %: 14% 
When to open — Now through 2020
Serve at: 12°C/54°F
Pair it with: a long, delicious meal. It could stand up to a turducken.

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