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  • Clos Signadore "Le Clos" Patrimonio 2012

Clos Signadore "Le Clos" Patrimonio 2012

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Wines from Corsica can be compared to the island's most famous native son, Napoleon Bonaparte. Sometimes known for their fiery temperament..but with epic potential.  In the right hands, like Christophe Ferrandis, of Clos Signadore, Corsican wines can be world class. This week, discover the rare, single vineyard black label wines from Clos Signadore, made from 100% Niellucio (otherwise known, off the island, as Sangiovese). 

There's a small number of producers who have transcended their appelations, and created a whole new category for their regions. Think of Trevallon in Provence or Grange des Pères in the Languedoc — these producers defy expectations and redefine just how fantastic their wine region can be. Add Christophe Ferrandis and his domaine Clos Signadore to that short list. 

This wine is from a single parcel, enclosed by shrubs called "Le Clos" (or the enclosure), grown on rocky Corsican clay-limestone soil with chalk stones. The vines are farmed organically, and then vinified for 24 months in large old oak barrels. We offered the White and Red A Mandria earlier (Fall pre-arrival customers, let us know what you think!) and this special cuvée is in a class of its own. 

If you've ever enjoyed a great Tuscan red, like Sassicaia, or wondered what Chateauneuf-du-Pape would be on Italian soil.. this wine is for you.
This Nieulluccio is smooth, rich and aromatic with plums, cinnamon and spice on the nose, all while remaining surprisingly light. This isn't a knock-out red fruit bomb; all the vines from Clos Signadore are north-facing parcel to protect them from the harsh Corsican sun and overripeness. This wine is a benchmark in how to make a complex, rich red with explosive flavor...without being heavy or extracted. 

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