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  • Cidre Johanna Cécillon - Nantosuelta

Cidre Johanna Cécillon - Nantosuelta

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How do you say "Cheers" in Breton? We’re not sure, but it’s certainly with a glass of Cider. Johanna and Louis Cecillon are completely reinventing what it means to make Cider. Louis grew up making wine with his uncle the legendary producer Jean-Louis Grippat in the Northern Rhone. After meeting Johanna, they decided to move together to her native Brittany to keep beehives, plant orchards, and make cider.
Never having studied cider making, Louis decided to reproduce what he learned making Hermitage and make wine like cider. This means picking only the ripest best fruit (from heirloom trees), using an old wooden basket wine press, and then letting the juice macerate with the skins for up to two weeks (nobody else does anything like this). After the maceration, the juice is put into used Hermitage Blanc barrels (what else?), and aged for 6 months before the final bottling, where the bubbles develop over the next 6 months using naturally occurring yeast and sugar.  – compare that to most ciders, which are just fermenting apple juice with C02 pumped in!
These are rustic, intensely flavored ciders that are not recommended for your grandmother (unless she grew up on a farm in Brittany). If you like your cider to taste like the farm, you’ll love Cecillon. And in case you are wondering… yes they are related to Domaine Julien Cecillon – Louis is Julien’s older brother.
The domaine makes three cuvees inspired by three aspects of the apple and named after Celtic goddesses: Divona (Acidity), Nerios (Bitter), and Nantosuelta (Sweet). All three cuvees are bottled with high quality Champagne corks and are suitable for ageing for the next 3-5 years.

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