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  • Champagne Ruppert-Leroy 4-pack
  • Champagne Ruppert-Leroy 4-pack

Champagne Ruppert-Leroy 4-pack

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Winemakers Bénédicte Ruppert & Emmanuel Leroy's dedication to self-reliance and doing things completely is almost intimidating. From building their own log cabin style home and straw bale winery, to running their vineyard and farm as a biodynamic self-sustaining entity, there isn't a single aspect of life at the Domaine that isn't thought through carefully. It's no surprise that when Manu & Bénédicte began to make wine in 2010, they thought first about how they wanted to make pure, sophisticated Champagnes, and then how they could make the best Champagne possible — no dosage, single-vineyard, organic & biodynamically-grown Champagnes. 

With the 2013 vintage, they pushed their already sky-high quality Champagnes a step further: all of the Champagnes are bottled without sulfur, resulting in stunningly complex Champagnes. This, too, was carefully planned — they bottled one cuvée from the 2012 vintage without sulfur as a test - the Fosse-Grely Autrement, for those lucky enough to get a bottle. The results were so exceptional that in 2013 every bottle from the domaine is vinified and bottled without sulfur - a risky endeavor that requires impeccable work during harvest, vinification, and bottling. It is impossible to cut any corners when working sans soufre, and the results when done well are simply astonishing. 

2013 was a return to almost-normal yields after the low volumes of 2012, but rain before the harvest led to a lot of sorting in the vineyards. Total production in 2013 was about 13,000 bottles, and as the world slowly discovers these Champagnes, the demand is only increasing. For all Champagne fans out there, Ruppert-Leroy is a must have producer that will easily fit in a line up with any top bottles of Champagne. 

Take advantage of the discovery four pack to taste the 3 different terroirs of the domaine - includes 1 bottle of each cuvée:

Les Cognaux
100% Pinot Noir from gray clay soils. Bursting with almond blossom and fresh cream flavors, aromatic and fresh on the palate. 2600 bottles produced. 

100% Chardonnay from white limestone soils. Exotic citrus flavors backed up by mid-palate richness. 3000 bottles produced.

Fosse Grely
50% Pinot Noir, 50% Chardonnay from red clay soils. The richest cuvee of 2013, blending the lemon citrus and creamy richness to make a well balanced powerful Champagne. 2300 bottles produced

11, 12, 13,....
Unknown blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The first non vintage cuvee from Ruppert Leroy. A solera style blend of reserve wines from 2011, 2012, and (you guessed it) 2013. Saline grapefruit and bit more evolutive flavors from the reserve wines. 

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