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  • Champagne Piollot Rosé 'Les Gravelés' 2006
  • Champagne Piollot Rosé 'Les Gravelés' 2006

Champagne Piollot Rosé 'Les Gravelés' 2006

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When an already-excellent Champagne producer keeps pushing the envelope, the result is a wine like "Les Gravelés" - a sans soufre, 100% Pinot noir rosé Champagne that shows off the masterful vinification revolution taking place in the Aube, the southern part of Champagne that is currently home to most of the dynamic producers.

Most rosé Champagne is made by blending red pinot noir wine into the vin clair just before the second fermentation in bottle. When we asked Dominique Moreau why she decided to use skin maceration to add color to the  instead, she explained that it's an old Aubois tradition - think of Saignée de Sorbée from Vouette & Sorbée or the Creux d'Enfer from Cedric Bouchard. Not only does Les Gravelées hold it's own with these giants - it's a killer value - Rosé from Vouette & Sorbée averages $90+, and Creux d'Enfer is at least $200. 

Dominique Moreau and husband Roland Piollot's insistance on constantly switching things up that has made their two labels sommelier favorites in the U.S. Marie Courtin (from vines owned by Domique's side of the family) has been firmly established as a cult Champagne. Champagne Piollot is made by Dominique and Roland in the same cellar, but the grapes come from Roland's family vineyards. Since the beginning of this year Piollot Champagnes are now exclusively single-parcel and non dosé. 2015 marks the inaugural release of this rosé - and this is the first time ever that the Champagne Rosé Les Gravelées is offered in the U.S.

Try serving it with foods that match the notes you find in the glass; pair it with a spicy tagine or a apple-cinnamon dessert. We're offering this wine in a 4-pack so you can open up over the next couple of years or so — or even longer.

Only a few winemakers in Champagnes are at the forefront of their profession like Champagne Piollot — be the first to get your hands on this exceptional Rosé.

Grape: 100% Pinot Noir
Terroir: Clay-limestone, from the "Les Graveles" lieu-dit in Polisot, south-facing, on a steep incline
Production: Organic farming, 24 hours of skin maceration, no pressurage
Service: 12°C 
Pairing: Couscous, mediterranean food that's heavy on the spices. Desserts: apple pie, fruit crumble.
Cellar: now until 2017

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