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  • Bertin Delatte "Pop Sec" 100% Chenin Blanc Sparkling
  • Bertin Delatte "Pop Sec" 100% Chenin Blanc Sparkling

Bertin Delatte "Pop Sec" 100% Chenin Blanc Sparkling

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Pop Sec is a wine that you didn’t realize you needed in your cellar. It’s delicious Chenin. It sparkles. It’s extremely fun to drink, but serious enough to pair with food. There are very few Pétnats (Pétillants naturels”, or natural sparkling) that stand above the crowd as refined wines that you can age and enjoy over the years. This 100% Chenin Blanc from Anjou winemakers Genevieve Delatte and Nicolas Bertin should be a reference not just for PétNats, but for all sparkling French wines.  We'll say it — it's better than a lot of the Champagnes out there. 

Nicolas and Genevieve have a 3-hectare organic domaine near Rablay-sur-Layon. If that town’s name rings a bell it’s because together with neighbors and similarly tiny Domaines GarOvin and Vins Hodgson, this Angevin crew is making some of the Loire’s most exciting wines. You may know Bertin-Delatte’s still white, L’Echalier; they make natural wines that appeal to Somms in Michelin-starred restaurants as much as the local crunchy granola types who shop at the cooperative grocery in Rablay Sur Layon.

Pop Sec comes from a single, low-yield Chenin Blanc parcel grown on Anjou schist  in front of Nicolas & Genevieve’s house in Rablay. The wine is made using the méthode ancestrale - first fermentation finishes in bottle - “the nat” is the natural fermentation that ensues. It’s aged one year on the lees, and then disgorged manually and topped off with base wine in the winter.  

Drinking Pop Sec is somewhat reminiscent of biting into a crisp, green apple. The year on the lees gives it more depth, but with just tank aging, this is clean, bracing Chenin. The persistent bubbles make it a lot of fun to drink, and keep drinking. Most Pétnats are not formal wines, but this wine is legit enough to be served at an outdoor wedding (keep it out of mason jars, please).

Add it to your cellar because you’ll have a blast drinking this wine. Serve it with light meals, or maybe a dish with a  hint of sweet and savory. This has been at every Paris Wine Company thanksgiving for the past couple of years, served to refresh palates for the pie course.

Region: Anjou 
Vintage: 2014
Varietal: 100% Chenin Blanc
Alc % by Vol: 12%
Open: Now through 2022
Pair With: Roast pork with apricots. Pie. 

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