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  • Barrat-Masson Côte Sézannais Champagne 4-Pack
  • Barrat-Masson Côte Sézannais Champagne 4-Pack

Barrat-Masson Côte Sézannais Champagne 4-Pack

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2 x Fleur de Craie Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay Brut
2 x Grain d'Argile 35% Pinot Noir 65% Chardonnnay Extra-Brut

In 2011, Loic Masson and Aurelie Barrat decided to set out on their own to produce their own Champagnes. What they produced is some of the most exciting, delicious Champagnes from a new producer in years. They are located in the Côte Sézannais - that forgotten swath of vineyards between the Côte des Blancs and the Aube which supplies many of the best big houses, yet curiously has no top producers of its own…. until now!
The couple farms 7 hectares organically and grow both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Average vine age is 40 years, with Chardonnay growing in primarily limestone soils and the Pinot Noir in clay soils.  They choose to vinify the wines separately, parcel by parcel, to capture the variations of terroir for their final blends in bottle.
Not geographically hindered by traditions of the region, the Sézanne is a region where growers like Barrat-Masson benefit from access to diverse terroirs, ideal for both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and the freedom to experiment with tradition and technology in their techniques. Take this opportunity to juxtapose Barrat-Masson’s pioneering cuvées and discover the diversity of Champagne from the Côte SézannaisFleur de Craie, a 100% Blanc de Blancs Brut Chardonnay from chalky limestone soils and Grain d’Argile a Pinot Noir-driven Extra-Brut blend from clay soils.

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