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  • B. Millet Sancerre Rosé 2015
  • B. Millet Sancerre Rosé 2015

B. Millet Sancerre Rosé 2015

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This Rosé is more than just cold and pink. Sancerre Rosé, which is 100% Pinot Noir, benefits from the peppery earthiness of pinot noir combined with the hallmark crispness of Sancerre. If you're looking for something to enjoy  all summer long, there is nothing more chic than a good Sancerre rosé. And please don't hold back on ordering...this will easily keep for another summer. 

This wine comes to us from Betty Millet who runs a third generation domaine in the town of Bué. Unlike the Sauvignon Blanc that goes into the white Sancerre that everyone knows, the Rosé comes from vines planted on limestone clay terroir that's particularly suited to making Pinot Noir.

The rosé is made of both pressed and "saignée" juice - the product of skin maceration. This means it's still pretty light in color, but with the minerality and depth of a wine that can be paired with food. Pair it with your next seafood dinner, or barbecue, and stock up for the rest of the summer. 

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