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  • Domaine B. Millet Sancerre Rouge 2015

Domaine B. Millet Sancerre Rouge 2015

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100% Pinot Noir.  There used to be much more Pinot Noir in Sancerre; but, after Phylloxera wiped out vines in the 19th century, little of it was replanted, because the first Appellation Controlée in Champagne in 1927, Sancerre winegrowers could no longer sell their excess Pinot to Champagne. Today only 22% of Sancerre is planted with Pinot grapes, but the similar soil types to Burgundy means that many producers can make a stellar red. As Will Lyons quipped in the Wall Street Journal in 2014, this is the connoisseurs’ red wine, and perfect for spring drinking”

At Domaine B. Millet, their red, grown on limestone and red clay soils, is the sort of light, easy-drinking Pinot that should help bolster Sancerre become better known as a red-and-white-wine region. This red is handled carefully, and simply: After first sorting in the vineyard pre-harvest, this is followed by a second sort in the winery. 30% of the wine undergoes oak barrel maturation and the rest is aged in stainless steel.

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