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  • Aurelien Chatagnier Cornas 2015

Aurelien Chatagnier Cornas 2015

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In the 2000 UK Financial times, Jancis Robinson famously railed against the wines of Cornas, calling them “obdurate” and “anti-diluvian”. This type of excoriation was the best thing to happen to the winemakers of Cornas, who have escaped mainstream press attention and remained some of the most resolutely old-fashioned producers in France. We can thank legends like Noel Verset, Robert Michel, Marcel Juge, and Thierry Allemand for clinging to tradition and inspiring the next generation to continue making wines that focus on purity, elegance, and long cellar life instead of fruit bomb syrahs that have exploded further north in Cote Rotie.

Aurelien Chatagnier claims the torch as one of the best producers of the next generation. We are offering a rare chance to purchase the extremely limited Chatagnier Cornas 2015.
Aurelien came up with a genius idea to trade 5 barrels worth of grapes with a friend–his own Viognier grapes from the prestigious Condrieu appellation in exchange for his friend's Syrah from the excellent granitic terroir of Cornas.

The buzz on Chatagnier is becoming close to a roar. When the very limited supply of wines arrive with our distributors, they are sold out within weeks. The Cornas is the rarest of all cuvées, with only 125 cases produced! Despite being officially sold out, we were able to convince Aurelien to release an extra case to offer directly to you.

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