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  • Arnauld Cassini Bordeaux 2014

Arnauld Cassini Bordeaux 2014

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There are certain stereotypes that loom over French winemaking regions. The Loire, as one of the fastest-growing Natural wine regions, is known as hipster terroir. To the southwest, around Bordeaux is the diametric opposite : buttoned up, "traditional" winemaking. Or...so they say.

Arnauld comes from a long-line of convention-breakers; his ancestor was a 16th century astronomer (who gave his name to the NASA unmanned spacecraft currently headed to Saturn). It isn't that surprising then that he is a 
stereotype-busting Bordelais winemaker: his winemaking philosophy is directly inspired by pioneering Loire natural winemakers Catherine & Pierre Breton and Didier Daguenea—organic, very little sulfites, low intervention in the chai and (shocking for Bordeaux!) no oak. This Bordeaux is all about the terroir. And, at $20/bottle, the price point is more Loire than his neighbors around St. Emilion. 

This wine is from a single plot on a prime piece of real estate for an AOC Bordeaux, located just over the Dordogne river. Don't be fooled, this isn't "just" Bordeaux, it is a continuation of the St. Emilion Grand Cru terroir. This 100% Merlot is light and fresh, with peppery savory nose. 

Also unlike his neighbors, Arnauld uses no oak in his vinification: the result is a Bordeaux red that's fresh, and a direct expression of the terroir. And, true to his Loire influences, there's almost no sulfur added. This Bordeaux-via-Anjou is served in hipster wine bars in the East of Paris to Michelin-starred restaurants. Bordeaux ... it's the new hip wine, hadn't you heard? This wine lands in the fall, in time for your autumn dinners. Add some of these bottles to your pre-arrival shipment or stock up and get 10% off a case. 

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