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  • Yvon Métras Fleurie 2015
  • Yvon Métras Fleurie 2015

Yvon Métras Fleurie 2015

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When we placed our first Metras offer a few years back, I wrote: "Of all the requests we get, Métras is always near the top of the list from sommeliers, collectors, and anyone in the know." The same is true today, if not more so. As Beaujolais enjoys a revival on the ground (as young winemakersrevive family Domaines), and Beaujolais enjoys a new audience in the U.S.; one name still is whispered only in hushed tones : Yvon Métras. 

If Yvon Metras is the most sought-after winemaker in Beaujolais it is because he is a purist from vine-to-cellar: His organic vines are plowed using a painstaking cable-and-winch plow (Described at length in this
excellent writeup in Wine Terroirs), pruned to keep yields very low, then hand-harvested in small bins. Something exceptional in 2015: the Fleurie cuvée includes grapes from his oldest vines (120-years old) around La Madone. Wine from this exceptional old-vine parcel is usually separated out into the "Ultime" cuvée, but in sunny year with low yields, he made just one cuvée...this Fleurie. 

In the cellar, Yvon Metras has been making wines naturally (little or no sulfur) since 1988, long before it was cool: wines are made using carbonic maceration, and only lightly pressed. Metras wines show an exceptional velvety texture and structure for long-aging. This is some of the juiciest, most peppery and complex Gamay you will ever encounter, and the 2015 Fleurie from Yvon Metras will be one for the books.  2015 is already being hailed as a very solid Beaujolais vintage, if atypical: the late-summer heat means that Beaujolais have a significant amount of heft. 

Add this to your cellar if you're looking to pick up some of the most hard-to-find and highly rated Fleurie out there. This red will appeal to Beaujolais addicts and may convert friends into who look for wines with a little oomph and had overlooked the Cru Beaujolais: this is a medium-to-full bodied, rich, aromatic Gamay. Pick up a 4-pack, open one now and cellar the rest: Metras' wines are also exceptional in that they improve with long aging. 

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