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The Paris Wine Company difference

Paris Wine Company brings you an offer of great artisanal French wines. We post new offers of rare and delicious French wines several times a week — many are exclusive offers that you will not find anywhere else.  The best French wines are made by passionate winemakers, and are often scooped up by restaurants and collectors around the world. Because we're based in France, we have our ear to the ground, and we're able to allocate these wines from the best French producers.

All of our selections are:

  • Made with Integrity
Our producers farm responsibly—the vast majority work organically—many are also farming biodynamically, or experimenting with other low-impact farming techniques. In the cellar, the wines are made with minimal intervention- this means native yeasts, and no additives or enzymes. And above all, the wines we offer are the result of a winemaker’s passion for growing great grapes and making a great bottle of wine for you to enjoy.

  • Food-Friendly
Our selections are balanced wines that pair well with your meals. This means wines with a tendency towards lower alcohol, and acidity - the backbone of any food-friendly wine that keeps it from being too heavy and makes you want to come back for another sip.

  • Compelling and Memorable
 Above all, we offer wines that stand out – wines that are uniquely delicious. A few days, or weeks, or years later, you’ll still remember the best wines that you’ve had…..and hopefully you’ll still have a few bottles of your favorites stored away in your cellar. When we can’t stop thinking about a wine months after the first taste, we know it belongs with Paris Wine Company.
 We work directly with more than 35 producers from all regions of France. To see more about all of our producers, check out the main Paris Wine Company website>>

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