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  • Chateau de Cerons AOC Cerons Liquoreux 2007

Chateau de Cerons AOC Cerons Liquoreux 2007

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2007: extremely  light in color with tropical fruit or citrus notes. Try this with spicy Thai food, roquefort blue cheese, or a tarte au citron for dessert. 

Cérons is produced the same way as those famous sweet wines of Bordeaux from botrytis grapes, only it's in an area just to the northwest (see map below), and tastes a lot like the famous sweet wines of Sauternes.The main difference is that it is much lighter on the palate, with more acidity....and less sweetness!

The Perromat family has been making wine at the Château de Cérons for generations - Jean Perromat was President of the appellation and his wines were served at the Elysée Palace in Paris. Cérons grows on a chalky soil, unlike the more dense clay soil of Sauternes, which gives the wine a light minerality.

Today, we’re digging deep into their cellars to bring you three vintages of Cérons that span nearly three decades, and offering a sampler pack to discover Cérons from 2007, 1998, and 1989 - a rare privilege to experience the same wine as it evolves over time. 

Each of these vintages brings out a different aspect of this complex wine - and don't forget that these wines can just as easily be served alongside a meal as will cheese or desserts. 

Each of these wines is crisp, sweet and complex, and you’ll find yourself, swirling and re-tasting, as the wine evolves in your glass.

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